ICEPURE PRO NSF53&42 Premium MWF Replacement for GE MFW MWFP 197D6321P006 WFC1201 MWFA PC75009 HDX FMG-1 GSE25GSHECSS 46-9996 GSH25JSDDSS PSHS6PGZBESS GWF Refrigerator Water Filter 1PACK

  • 💧¡¾Why ICEPURE PRO?¡¿Pursuing Excellent Quality. This filter is NSF/ANSI 53 certified by WQA and IAPMO for Heavy Metal reduction. This filter reduces 99.6% Lead. This filter is also certified for NSF/ANSI 42 low lead, European EC-1935/2016, ROHS,REACH, BPA-Free,TUV, and Australian Water Mark. You never compromise on product quality for your loved ones, we either.



Purifying and filtering the world since 2001. ICEPURE products are certified and accredited by authoritative institutions in major countries.

Safe drinking water is fundamental. ICEPURE strives to offer every family with an extraordinary cost-effective filtration solution.

PRO Series is NSF 53 heavy metals reduction certified. The new certification for NSF473, PFOA, PFOS, Fluoride will be available soon for the PRO series.

  • For NSF 42: Certificate W-11150, by IAMPO 2019.
  • For NSF 53: Certificate W-11151, by IAMPO 2019.
  • For NSF 372: Certificate W-11152, by IAMPO 2019.